Karen Murray Housing Story.png

Dear Governor Cuomo,

My name is Karen Murray and I’ve been living with AIDS and I have been for years. Maybe if my life were different that would not.

I was virally suppressed but have been inconsistent with taking my meds for about 5 to 6 years. Maybe it was around the time when I was homeless. 

Being homeless made me feel lost deep in my spirit, and I thought things would get better when I found a place of my own but depression didn’t stop.

I live with bats, mice, sewage problems, leaky rooms, my ceiling leaks when my neighbor upstairs takes a shower. Sometimes I even think about taking a stray cat off the street and brining him in just to kill the mice. 

Some people ask why I don’t just move, but that takes money, and who has money and time to move to another place.

Governor Cuomo, I wish you would invest in rental assistance and full funding for public housing so I could find a better place to live. No human being should live like this, especially when their health is on the line. 


Karen Murray