NYC: GG Morgan

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Dear Governor Cuomo, 

My name is GG, and I’m homeless. I live in a women’s shelter in Harlem NY and have been homeless for a year and a half now.

I’ve been looking for an apartment but haven't been able to find anything that’s affordable, along with thousands of other New Yorkers that are living in shelters.

I believe you're failing us because you're putting real estate developers over vulnerable New Yorkers.

We need rental assistance and supportive housing so the thousands of New Yorkers living in shelters can go into permanent housing. I also feel like housing is a human right, it’s not a luxury and every New Yorker deserves a home.

We shouldn’t have to be kicked out of our state, priced out of our neighborhoods, or forced out of our buildings to go to another city.

We are New Yorkers. We don’t want to go and live in another city. We shouldn’t have to leave our city to be able to afford to live. 

Governor Cuomo, you MUST invest in housing now to fix this crisis.


GG Morgan
New York City, NY