Brooklyn, NY: Cat

Cat CUFFH.png

My name is Cat and I an a Youth Leader at CUFFH in Brooklyn. Let me start by saying that housing now is going way out of control and is really out of proportion when it comes to certain things. Since I live with my grandmother, our rent keeps getting higher and higher, and my grandparents aren’t really able to afford it. They’re constantly trying to look for other apartments that have cheaper rent, but there’s not really any “other rent-controlled apartments” that you can just find and be able to settle with a price that you can just keep stabilized. My biggest fear right now is not being able to become an older adult and continue to live my life in New York as I want it to be. This and not having the proper materials or the proper housing equipment that I need because of rent prices and how high they are.

I am now fighting for three’ kids who live on the streets and need a home. Sometimes you gotta find them a home and sometimes it’s hard because not a lot of people care. so they’ll just be out on the street and we’ll look at them and think how they, not only need housing but how they really need an education. They’re our age and they really need an education, they’re standing out here on the streets with no parents or nothing. Kids like us who are on the streets deserve to have access t o a home. .