Brooklyn, NY: Lauriana

Lauriana CUFFH.png

How have housing issues impacted your life?

At a point in time in my life my mom didn’t have a job, and money was really hard to come by and as the rent was getting raised higher and higher, there was a lot of times where I didn’t know where my next meal would come from, if I would get new clothes, if I would get a new asthma pump because I am also asthmatic. It was really scary to live in a place where you’re getting pushed out, you can’t afford these things, there wasn’t enough food to eat. Housing issues have affected my life very negatively.

What is your biggest fear?

One day, if I can’t live here anymore, to come back and see no one that I know, every single restaurant that I’ve even been to in my childhood gone, no one from the original comm there to see, just the idea of everyone that i’ve known being pushed out, ever person of color who has worked hard to get a place, just gone.

Why are you passionate about housing?

I don’t want people like me to have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from because the rent’s so high, because there’s always maintenance problems, because they’re getting pushed out of their homes. I don’t want another generation of children to have to worry about things like that.