New York, NY: Sam

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How have housing issues impacted your life?

It put my family in a predicament where…since we’re asthmatic we’re sick often, and due to the repairs that’s not done of lead poisoning we don’t know if we’re affected by it, or if we can be affected by it.

When we lived in Bushwick, we lived in this 2-story building, and since our Land Lord used to live literally under us, our repairs were done faster than in the projects. At NYCHA they are procrastinators, so even if you continue to attack them, call 311, go to the section 8 office, they still procrastinate to do things.

I grew up in Bushwick but a few years ago a new landlord bought my building and before we knew it, we got evicted so they could tear it down and build a new fancy building. Now I have to wake up at 5:30 am to commute from Harlem just to continue my education and spend time with my friends. Youth like me shouldn’t have to grow up with these problems.