Brooklyn, NY: Maria

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My name is Maria Uruchima and I have lived in a rent-stabilized apartment at 182 S. 3rd street, in Williamsburg, for 22 years. Three years ago my landlord offered me money to leave, but I did not want to. I raised my six kids in those two rooms! I stood up and joined our new TA to go on rent strike and instead of leaving, made the landlord fix the building.

I’ve fought to stay but I’m still sad since because of landlords like him, my family and many others are being separated. Now that my kids are older there are no affordable apartments in the southside because any that are empty have been destabilized. I don’t want my family scattered far away and all over, having them close was the reason I’ve fought hard to stay.

Family separation is why we need to close all the rent stabilization loopholes so that affordable housing stops disappearing and families like mine can afford to stay together.