Rochester, NY: Jody

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On September 1, 2018 I was devastated when I came home to a note that said I had 30 days to leave my home. Apparently, a young white developer had bought my building and have given all the tenants 30 days to move even though he never even met us.  Another mass eviction, another buy-out/clear out of an entire building was under way to make room for gentrification in Rochester. I'm from New York City and came to Rochester to go the school. In 2 years have been displaced twice for no fault of my own. I couldn't believe how few tenant rights we had up here.

1 out of every 4 residents in Rochester is forced to move each year.  Without good cause eviction protections and rent stabilization this cycle repeats and we can never have development without displacement. When my family came from Jamaica we came for a better life.  With them I learned that any business we start should also provide a service to the community, not tear it down like its happening in Rochester right now.