Who are we?


The governor has had seven years to  a housing agenda for the state. Seven legislative sessions and state budgets to address a humanitarian crisis that has grown exponentially under his watch.

The results of Cuomo’s agenda are clear, and they have been devastating for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers. Displacement pressures have spread to every corner of the state. Homelessness is at record levels statewide: it has risen an unconscionable 41% since Cuomo first took office in 2011. Public housing authorities and code enforcement agencies remain woefully underfunded as the housing stock available to low-income tenants has crumbled.


The Housing Justice for All campaign aims to hold Governor Cuomo accountable on housing issues in 2018, an election year, by harnessing the people power of tenants and homeless New Yorkers.

Tenants are a vital voting block in Democratic primaries, but also don’t vote as a block in primary elections. In 2014, Cuomo won his primary and general elections with the support of rent-regulated and public housing tenants in New York City and tenants in the other big cities across the state; both elections were closer than anticipated, and Cuomo’s support with this constituency was vital in securing his victories.